Product and Services

Biogas technology is an integrated waste management system that is a clean, renewable, naturally produced and under-utilised source of energy. Methane is produced through an anaerobic biological process of conversion, using any available organic material.

The gas produced is similar to natural gas and is composed of 50-70% methane, the remainder being composed of carbon dioxide and traces of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. It can be used for heating, cooling, electricity production, and vehicle fuel, and can be piped, bottled, stored, compressed, and even liquefied, providing on-site energy production, storage and access.

Parameters and process optimization factors include:

  • Micro-organism
  • Nutrient
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Carbon to Nitrogen ration
  • Solid content and agitation
  • Retention time

The potential benefits to the household include:

  • improved food production
  • energy access and energy security
  • reduced deforestation
  • erosion and soil degradation
  • improved indoor air quality and sanitation
  • water reuse and recycling
  • reduction in odours
  • local job creation

Green Heat offers a range of professional and sustainable ‘Waste to Energy’ services, these are;

  • Feasibility study and project identification
  • System design/project proposal
  • Bio-toilet design and construction
  • Cow shed design and construction
  • Biogas plant installation
  • Biogas appliance installation/modification
  • Biogas plant troubleshooting/repairs
  • System optimization
  • Maintenance training/advice

In assessing the digester design and size, 4 factors interact to determine the optimum installation:

  • The amount and nature of feedstock available on site
  • The energy demand
  • The cost of the system
  • Space available for the installation
Biogas size and design assessment factors - Casson and Tumwesige

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