Biogas in Schools

Green Heat (U) Ltd offers innovative and cost effective one stop waste management solutions. Our value revolves around; ‘waste management at the source of generation.’ We use simple technologies and methodologies to generate biogas.

Currently, schools, hospitals, prisons and some tourist lodges depend on firewood, charcoal and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for their cooking needs. Increasing costs of firewood, charcoal and LPG are major issues that institutions would like to do away with.

Hundreds of tons of wood are consumer in schools per year

The cost of cooking fuel is one of the most important factors in determining which fuel to use. In Uganda, people are looking for the cleanest, the most convenient and the most affordable cooking fuel.

Cooking with biogas also reduces the burden of disease associated with indoor air pollution while offering women a time-saving alternative to traditional cooking methods.

Smoky kitchens in African Schools

The decision to implement a biogas digester for a particular institution will be arrived at after comprehensive evaluation of the energy demand, availability of organic waste, cost of cooking fuel, human factors for manageability and viability of that institution to make it’s loan repayments on a regular basis.

Biogas installation requires a huge installation cost, however it is profitable in the medium to long term. Biogas can be used for heating and cooking.

Digester under construction
Biogas digester (Fixed dome) construction works

The switch from firewood and charcoal to biogas requires a considerable behavioral change. To make this transition easier, Green Heat offers training and after sales services to all clients. After every installation, a graphics with information about biogas and how it works is painted and printed on a banner which is hanged on the backwall of the latrine.

Training session
Training session conducted at a Biogas site by Green Heat
Emphasis on educational message to Green Heat clients

Finally, Green Heat encourages uptake of biogas digesters by demonstrating of the financial return and payback time for the investment in the biogas digester. This mainly applies to institution or individuals who spend money on firewood, charcoal of LPG gas. We use estimates of the available feedstock (organic waste), and the fuel produced from the feedstock to account for the cost of the fuel replaced by biogas. This allows the time required for the savings in fuel to pay back the cost of the digester to be estimated.

Cooking with a smile

Are you a school administrator/headteacher or a teacher? You need to cut down on your fuel expenses and improve your kitchen environment. Contact Green Heat Now by email:


4 thoughts on “Biogas in Schools

  1. from 14th august 2014, i worked with green heat company for my field attachment in biogas construction, am a studend pursuing a corse in renuable energetics and carring out a reaserch on biogas science for my special project and feature field of vision, i loved my stay with greenheat company for its organisation, care, skills and companioate leaders who are so kind and considerate in their work, ”men of focus” i loved them,, mr.Gabs, mr.Jude, mr.Ronnie that i got to know personally and physically. cheers!

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