Service with a Smile

Greetings from Kasiisi Primary School, Uganda Africa

Our field team is hard at work constructing our first small-scale biogas digester in western Uganda.  This digester will provide the Kasiisi School with new latrines, a clean source of cooking fuel, and high-quality fertilizer.  With the strong backs of a group of talented students from the US Military Academy at West Point, and the fantastic leadership of  Elizabeth Ross and the Kasiisi Project team together with Green Heat CEO, Vianney Tumwesige, we are several days AHEAD of schedule on the construction project. The pilot system should be up and running within the next month or so. We will be closely monitoring the system to quantify its performance so that we can more accurately estimate the payback period for such projects.

The cadets are just about the best workers you could ask for:  strong, polite, curious, and hard-working. Visitors have been coming from up to 75 km away on remote, dusty roads just to see the system for themselves.  We estimate that over 50 people from across the region have trekked to our project site within the last two weeks to learn about biogas. That’s not counting the 1200 students at the school who are driving their teachers crazy by taking unusually frequent and long visits to the bathroom and casually strolling by the system (our construction site is right next to the existing latrines).
We are working to put together more detailed information and images for our website, but for now, we are attaching a few photos of our progress for you to enjoy. After receiving such a warm welcome at the school, our team will be sad to leave for the big city (Kampala) this week, but our cadets need to get back to school.

4 thoughts on “Service with a Smile

  1. Congratulations to the visionary, Vianney. I admire him for his passion to help his country.

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