West Point cadets help build renewable energy resources in Uganda

We do hope that this article finds you well. Yes, we completed another biogas installation and Kasisi, thanks to US Army – Africa.

The article By Sgt. Terysa M. King, U.S. Army Africa Public Affairs

VICENZA, Italy – As the human population increases, natural resources are rapidly being diminished, which puts pressure on energy conservation, especially to those living in developing countries. In countries where locals depend on parks for resources, deforestation greatly affects their way of life.

In an effort to limit the effects of deforestation, five cadets from the United States Military Academy (USMA) travelled to Kasiisi, Uganda to participate in the construction of a Biogas Digester during a Renewable Energy mission June 16 – July 3 as part of an ongoing cooperation between U.S. Army Africa (USARAF) and USMA.

“This project is just one example of many projects and activities that West Point conducts each summer in all combatant command areas of responsibility,” said Chuck Grenchus, Theater Security Cooperation Strategy Manager, U.S. Army Africa Security Cooperation Directorate (SCD). “For cadet activities to be performed on the African continent, West Point planners coordinate with specific USARAF staff elements including the SCD, G3 Current Operations Center, and U.S. Country Teams in destination countries,” Grenchus said.

More about the article: http://www.usaraf.army.mil/NEWS/NEWS_130725_pwr.html

We can make it
We can make it

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