W2E (U) Ltd seeks a Ugandan MSc student in the agricultural sciences who will assist in the following activities during the 2013-2014 academic year: setting up test plots for fertilizer in Mpigi, training local farmers on usage of an organic fertilizer, conducting lab testing of fertilizer, and working with a primary school in Mukono on developing a system to appropriately use organic fertilizers. Flexibility and willing to perform other tasks as needed is a must.

Minimum qualifications:

-Ability to commit to 20 hours per week of work

-Self-starter personality with ability to guide your own project and meet deadlines

-Completed coursework with high marks in agricultural/environmental sciences

-Experience working with fertilizer (organic and/or chemical), setting up field test plots and assessing fertilizer effects on soil quality, crop yields, etc.

-Willingness to travel frequently to Mpigi and sometimes to Mukono

-Willingness to manage 1-2 undergraduate student(s) in the agricultural sciences who will assist you in completing tasks

-Interest and experience in working with local farmers to train them on fertilizer application

-Fluency in English

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