Afri Flame

Green Heat is implementing and facilitating biogas installation for the Afri-Flame Network, a team of Agriculture, Soil Science and Renewable Energy researchers and developers from Universities, Institutes and technology companies in Uganda, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Scotland. The consortium has received a grant from the African Union to set up biogas digesters and fuel saving stoves in ‘Energy Villages’ in Uganda, Ethiopia and Cameroon. 

Afri-Flame Logo 1

Biogas technology provides clean gas for cooking and lighting, makes effective use of food and other organic waste and animal manures to produce a nutrient rich fertilizer for farming.

Biogas digester technology is spreading fast in Asia but uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa has so far been slow, despite significant national and international efforts to support technology adoption. The reasons for the slow adoption rate are poorly understood. It is unclear whether this is due to low demand or due to other socio-cultural barriers that prevent uptake. There is a pressing need to better understand what drives demand for biogas technology and to identify facilitating and inhibiting conditions for uptake. This will provide policy makers and promoters of biogas technology with invaluable information for the development of the economic measures and technical tools needed to enhance technology uptake.

Green Heat is responsible for installation of household digester, sourcing of micro gasifers stoves, hands-on training (farmers) and facilitate in workshops. We are also holding regular briefings and one-to-one meetings with farmers to ensure technology is understood and acceptable, maximising performance and troubleshooting problems.

A major aim of this 3-year project is to research and publish technical and social science on the practicality of biogas and fuel saving technologies in rural households in Africa.

P.S. Vianney Tumwesige is a PhD student registered at University of Aberdeen, he will work on this project.


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