Kikati open day

Najjembe Sub-County, Buikwe District is found 51 km along Kampala-Jinja highway. Kikati is 3 km off the highway. This is close to Kampala to allow easy access for transporting samples to the lab, recharging battery packs for field analyses etc. The village includes ~ 400 households.  The Mabira Forest Reserve is a rainforest area covering about 300 km² in Uganda located mostly in Mukono and partly in Kayunga Districts. The towns surrounding Mabira Forest Reserve include Lugazi, Najjembe, Buikwe, Kangulumira, Bukoloto, and Nakifuma. Mabira Forest Reserve has been protected since 1932. Mabira Forest Reserve (31,293 ha) is a forest management area consisting of six central forest reserves e.g. Mabira, Namukupa, Nadagi, Kalagala Falls, Namawanyi, and Namananga.

Eligible members from the 24 households who have been selected by Green Heat for biogas digesters, gasifer stove and Jompy boilers technologies will have a study tour to operational biogas digesters. They will talk to biogas users to get a user experience and learn what to expect should they get biogas digesters installed. 

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Open Day Running Order

  1. Formal introduction from the leaders and the visiting team.
  2. Introduce of the purpose of the Open Day.
  3. Show the video clips of Jane’s and Edward’s interviews.
  4. Show the video clip of the green heat builder taking them through the construction and function of how a fixed dome digester works.
  5. Go directly to the Biogas Info Line exhibition.
  6. Open discussion, questions and answers, Biogas Doctor discussion
  7. Closing remarks.

See you next time


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