Who We Are – Green Heat (U) Ltd, incorporated under the Ugandan laws is headquartered in Matuuga 20 km from Kampala.

Green Heat is a know-how provider of high quality proven biogas technology for anaerobic digestion of animal manure and organic agricultural wastes in both fixed dome and floating (above-ground) digesters. Green Heat provides customers with the best available information to meet specific and individual project needs.

Green Heat also converts charcoal dust (in the near future, agricultural waste) into low-cost charcoal briquette Eco-Manda was chosen as brand name. Eco-Manda is sold to institutional and domestic markets.

Green heat envisions communities where all house holds are self sufficient in sustainable cooking and lighting fuel. The company strives to create fuel that is beneficial to man and has minimal effect on the environment.

To create alternative sources of fuel through recycling of waste and impart the urge of environment conservation to mankind.

What We Do – Green Heat offers quality products and services to domestic and institution markets to help solve organic waste management needs by providing sustainable renewable energy, while also addressing environmental issues.

Green Heat’s business is separated into four sectors:

  1. providing comprehensive project development support
  2. providing high-quality and proven biogas technology,
  3. providing professional project management and operation and maintenance services for the long-term operation of the individual plant
  4. manufacturing and supplying Eco-Manda to institutions and domestic households

Biogas Team

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Green Heat works with masons with more than 10 years’ experience in the digester construction industry.


  1. Find us: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Heat-Uganda-Ltd/195350977146761
  2. 2012-05-7th Biogas Presentation

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you. I am an excited person to day. I am a lecturer at Barham University College (in Kabale) in the section of Environement. I have been developing a human Excreta Biogas project concept paper with no knowledge of any person who can guide me to construct a simple Biogas plant. Please allow me to pattern with you in this very usefull field. My email address mmboneg@yahoo.com. Mobile phone No. 0772439716
    Mbonigaba George Private Box 753 Kabale . God bless your work.

  2. You are welcome, George. Please, pass on the Green Heat revolution to all your friends. Ask them to visit us, their comments will helps us improve and serve humanity better.



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