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    • You are welcome, Kunda. Please, pass on the Green Heat revolution to all your friends. Ask them to visit us, their comments will helps us improve and serve humanity better.



  1. I am a student from South Korea. I am very interested in science and new energy systems, including bioenergy. In our school, we are doing a science project on several subjects. We happened to chose the subject: “how to treat animal (livestock) waste in Uganda”. I wonder if me and my classmates can get some information or idea on the subject. We have read your website and were very impressed, and would be delighted if you can give us a little help. Thank you.

    • Hello Jiho,
      It is great you are and your classmates are to looking into energy generation from Waste, this is fun and I love “the idea of generating energy from waste.” This idea keeps me going all the time. What kind of animals are to investigate during this project? What is the timeline for the project? I will be glad to hear from you and your mates.

      • We have about 3~4 months, untill the middle of October. We didn’t think about the kind of animals yet, but we were thinking of the animals that can be commonly found in average Uganda households. Is there any way that might be efficient for how to treat animal wastes in Uganda? I thank you again for your reply,and I hope you can give us some information. Thank you.

      • Great, if your team is to look at animal manure (waste) this is great. Many households keep cattle (cows, goats, sheep) and pigs. No “efficient” way to treat waste, many communities do it the way they feel is good. Like Heaping it for a couple of days before taking it to the garden, drying it before dumped in the garden, some go to the extent of compositing or methane generation.

        Wish you all the best,

      • Thank you again for your answer! If we are to make energy by animal waste, would it need a lot of money? (because we’re focusing on the project to be “appropriate”, meaning that the technology should be sustainable for the people living there even without much support from other countries) Our team feels excited about learning more about Uganda and these subjects 🙂 We all appriciate your attention and help.

      • Dear Jiho,

        For starters, you will been to look into the energy demand of the household you want to support. Emphasis should also be developed to the volume (quantity) of manure the household generates. This can give you an idea of the size of the digester. Also, do you know the type you want to install? Check out the ‘download’ page, you will find an interesting system. Do you intend to visit Uganda? Do you know when?


      • Thanks for the great tips! I will go check the download page:-) The most important thing about our idea is that it should be ‘right’ for the people in Uganda. The thing is that the system has to be capable of being maintained without support from others (such as companies or other countries). AND it should be built up with the resources we can find in Uganda. But I can see that building the generation system without any financial support from others is very difficult. Still, I’m hoping to find the best solution. Is there any type of system that’s close to my standards?

      • I think there systems vary a lot and the need also depends on the targeted user and the application. However, a simple digester is very easy to operate. Where are you able to check out the downloads? Do you have questions regarding the systems? Regards

  2. Hello Jiho,

    Depending on the region in the country, animal waste is used or handled in a different way. Some areas use cow/pig manure as a fertilizer, however, it is applied to the fields after it has decomposed for a couple of days. Other regions just dump it while some areas it is burned directly (after drying) as a cooking fuel. Hope this helps the team.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Vianney….
    You are doing great job…Keep it up…..also look towards improving indoor pollution free environment by using improved cook stoves also..

    Green Regards
    Dinesh Kannor

  4. Hello Vianney,

    I am a Ugandan piggery entrepreneur to-be forming up a piggery industry company called SWIFFA. One of the components of our company is the use of renewable energy to generate electricity. Do you guys go as far as generating electricity from biogas? Do you know of companies that deal in biogas generators? How much can an average size generator cost in Uganda today?

    I appreciate any information you can provide.

    Thank you.


    • Hello Danson,

      I am sure you must be wondering why we are not responding on time! We spend most of the time in the field with limited access to internet. How do you want us to proceed with this proposal?


  6. I am a fresh community forestry graduate who is very passionate about nature and environmental conservation but specifically more interested in climate change mitigation and adaptation mechanisms, am wondering if you have any open career opportunities still available in your organization, say volunteers for example. I believe a career in clean energy systems especially for our rural communities is worth the effort. Please let me know if i can join your team.

  7. I am a student doing Renewable Energy Engineering at EMI,one of the Institutes in Uganda Located in Kampala at Kireka ,kasokoso road.Bio gas is one of the Renewable Energy sources that we have covered so far. Actually am so glad for having found this site! because I hope it will be off very good impact to me and the entire public.
    I hope to get in touch with you to discuss more and more
    Lots of Regards

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